Industrial Flooring Design Inspirations

Industrial Flooring Design Inspirations

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When it comes to choosing the best type of flooring for your industrial building, you’ll need something that can stand up to heavy traffic, caustic chemicals, heat, shock, and moisture. However, with so many options out there, trying to pick the best flooring system for your industrial building can get a little too overwhelming. Nowadays, more and more business owners have discovered the benefits of installing epoxy and marble floors in their offices, warehouses, laboratories, restaurants, health care facilities, and factories.

Aside from the fact that installing these systems can give your concrete floors the maximum protection it needs against constant brutal treatment and other harsh elements, they’re also great at brightening up any dull and boring surface. This leaves us no reason to wonder why countless industrial and commercial building owners use this type of flooring system. If you want industrial floors that offer strength, durability, sustainability, high resistance to abuse, ease of maintenance, and versatility in terms of design, you could never go wrong with epoxy flooring. To get you started, check out these design ideas:


This trendy flooring option contains multiple layers of coating that come with a reflector-enhancing metallic pigment technology. Its decorative quality can give your industrial Epoxy floors a gorgeous-looking glossy finish that possesses its own aesthetic that’s highly distinctive. Furthermore, its slick surface that features maximum resistance to chemicals, UV, and stains, is also very easy to maintain. With its three-dimensional metallic appearance, this type of flooring can instantly lend your space a more sophisticated and elegant look. Whether you’re a proud owner of a retail store, a restaurant or any place of business, the reflector-enhancer-metallic epoxy floor can be your ultimate choice.

Industrial Flooring Design Inspirations

Faux Fusion Stain

If you’re looking to find the seamless mix of high abrasion resistance and aesthetics, the faux fusion stain variety is the best choice for you. It’s perfect for spaces that require a flooring technology that can withstand a continuous flow of forklifts or wheel traffic. Moreover, its easy installation process won’t take too much time. What’s more, faux fusion stain gives you the freedom to express your artistic concepts through color diffusions.

Decorative Terrazzo Floor Coatings

Although epoxy terrazzo floor coatings are identified as a more traditional decorative flooring system, its timeless quality appeals to those who’ve set their hearts on a grander and more upscale look. Its versatility allows you to mix the resin with crystals, marble, granite, and other materials that will go well with the design that you have in mind. Moreover, with decorative terrazzo floor coatings, you can use divider strips to create patterns as well as graphics that suit your fancy.

Shimmering Color Contrastive Flakes

Since it was introduced to the public, epoxy flooring that comes with color contrastive flakes have become increasingly popular in the market. In case you’re wondering, this option works well for both indoor and outdoor flooring purposes. Its attractive, polychromatic mosaic appearance, as well as its slip-proof surface, makes it the ultimate choice for schools and indoor playgrounds.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your or decorate your old industrial flooring system, these decorative flooring solutions won’t disappoint.

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