Home Improvement: Getting Rid of Ants

Home Improvement: Getting Rid of Ants

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Getting rid of ants require an incredible skill that is why there are professionals in this area. Just like how dogs are territorial, ants will keep coming back to a house once they’ve marked it as a rich source of food. Their trail of pheromones is for their entire colony to follow. Learn more what do you do when your house gets infested with ants?

Here are some steps to take to resolve this ant infestation issue.

Classifying the types of ants

Different ants cause various problems, but one thing’s for sure, they are all nuisances and pests. Typically, they appear during warm- weather in search for food and water to prepare for the rainy season.  These are some of the most common species; Odorous house ants that are smelly when crushed, Pavement ants that eat almost anything, and Carpenter ants that tend to thrive in rotten wood.

Home Improvement: Getting Rid of Ants

Eradicating Ants

Keeping houses ant-free requires the following steps.

  1. Trimming shrubs and cutting trees that touch your homes is advisable since ants love to climb them.
  2. Diatomaceous earth made from fossilized diatoms or tiny aquatic organisms that can be sprinkled around the perimeter of your houses can suck ants dry.  Fortunately, these are not harmful to pets or humans so it’s a more natural approach in removing your ant problem.
  3. Sealing possible points of entry such as cracks or holes in your homes can prevent ants from coming in.
  4. Cleaning your house regularly helps. Pick up food crumbs or vacuum rugs and carpets regularly.  
  5. Store sweet stuff like fruits and sugar in airtight containers is very important.
  6. Wash the dishes thoroughly removing sticky food particles.
  7. Use essential oils that can be bought from stores such as cinnamon essential oil mixed with water. Apply it on windowsills and doorways.
  8. Spray vinegar mixed with water in areas with infestation.

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